ABT 1622 - ____

Family 1 : Per OHLSSON
  1. +Hanna PERSSON


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Joshua Grant FUGAL

____ - ____

Father: Kent Judd FUGAL
Mother: Kelly Kathleen MALONE

                          _Grant Kay FUGAL ____+
 _Kent Judd FUGAL _______|
|                        |
|                        |_Jeniel JUDD ________+
|--Joshua Grant FUGAL 
|                         _____________________
|                        |                     
|_Kelly Kathleen MALONE _|


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Robert Earl JACKSON

[186] [187]

30 Jun 1895 - 1964

Family 1 : Sarah JUDD
  1.  Cleon Earl JACKSON
  2.  Mateland LeRoy JACKSON
  3.  Sarah Guenn JACKSON
  4.  Mira Louise JACKSON
  5.  Duard JACKSON
  6.  Eris Estella JACKSON
  7.  Orva LaRu JACKSON
  8.  Delma JACKSON
  9.  Ira Judd JACKSON


[186] [Judd.ged]

!Vida Judd Brooksby, Sarah Judd Jackson
bap. Fredonia Ward Records; GS 002389.
mar. IGI 1984 ed.
Kanab Stake Marriages No. 272; GS 002389. (Civil)
seal. IGI 1984 ed.
died Fredonia Ward Records, 1900-1930; GS 002389

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George Byers OGILVIE

[1335] [1336]

4 Aug 1804 - 31 Aug 1885

Father: John OGILVIE Farmer
Mother: Elis EGERTON

Family 1 : Barbara Elizabeth MATTATAHL
  1. +Esther Eunice OGILVIE

                       _James OGILVIE __________+
                      | (.... - 1790) m 1746    
 _John OGILVIE Farmer_|
| (.... - 1856) m 1786|
|                     |_ UNKNOWN _______________
|                        m 1746                 
|--George Byers OGILVIE 
|  (1804 - 1885)
|                      _Hezekiah EGERTON Farmer_+
|                     | (.... - 1804) m 1754    
|_Elis EGERTON _______|
  (.... - 1854) m 1786|
                      |_Mary HEDGBONE __________
                        (1733 - ....) m 1754    


[1335] [Fugal.ged]

!Sources: Marriage: Marriage bonds in Halifax, (1376196): "10 Aug. 18 27 -
George Ogilvie of Musquodoboit, farmer, bachelor, and Barbara Campbel l, widow."
(John Robb of Halifax, grocer, also signed bond.)
Ut. S Ga p. 224 and Ut. S g b p. 203 and F Ut S 14 Bk. A
Byers also spelled Beyers or Byres.
IGI (6934547-24) spelled Byres.
Also bap. 19 Jan 1892 and end. 20 Jan 1892.
Marriage to Jane McAuslan: IGI (extracted)
Marriage: Edith Lamb, 678 W. 2080 N., Clinton, UT 84015.
According to Edith Lamb, George B. "lived in Pleasant Valley, Nevada . Had
a big home near Elko; still there." Her sources: (993422), p. 209,
Manti sealing records, 1871 Nova Scotia census.
Or spelled Ogleby.
Susan Ogilvie says he was born in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. She get s that
from Jetta Brunson's record which says George's mother was in Bridgew ater for
the settlement of an estate.
grandson, George Francis Ogilvie, Jan 12, 1966, Elko, Nevada:
"George Beyers Ogilvie was born Aug. 4, 1804, the 5th son of John Ogi lvie and
Alice Ellis of New York City, N.Y. He was born in Bridgewater, Mass. , because
his mother, being an American, was in Bridgewater at the time settlin g an
estate left to her by a relative. All the rest of his brothers and s isters
were born near Halifax, Nova Scotia. It seems they had a home abou t 40 or 50
miles north or northeast of Halifax on the Musquodoboit River. The f amily all
grew up hear Halifax, N.S. There were 12 children all together: Jame s, John,
Peter, William, George Beyers, Arthur Wesley, Alexander, Esther, Ma y Ann,
Louisa, Ellis, and Betsey. (He doesn't mention Eunice.)
"George Beyers' first wife was Barbara Elizabeth Mattatahl, who was b orn May
12, 1797 at Tannanguich, Nova Scotia. She had been married before t o a man by
the name of George Campbell and had four children by him. George Bey ers and
Barbara Elizabeth has seven children--3 boys and 4 girls. All of the m,
including their father, were converted to the Mormon Church in Nova S cotia.
"In about 1853 George B. decided tomove to Utah. He had the whole fa mily with
him--his wife, seven children, and a stepdaughter, Margaret Jane Camp bell. On
their way west they went by way of Nauvoo, Illinois. At that place b oth George
B. and his son, George, were employed as teamsters for Noah T. Guymo n Company
of Pioneers. During the journey across the plain, the Pioneer Compan y became
sorely afflicted with cholera, and George, being trained as a docto r in Boston,
did all he could to help the sick, but they could not get medicine an d many
died. The Noah T. Guymon Co., with the Ogilvie fmaily, arrived in Sa lt Lake
City on Sept. 12, 1855. The Ogilvie family settled at Big Cottonwoo d in the
Salt Lake Valley. While there they endured many hardships as the gra sshoppers
had eaten practically all the crops in 1855. In the spring of 1856 t hey
survived on Sego Lily roots, weeds, etc. Later in the fall George B . received
5 bushels of wheat from the Mormon Church to feed a family of 10.
"George B. and his son, George, operated a sawmill in Little
Cottonwood Canyon, now called Alta. It was about at this time that G eorge B.
and his wife separated and his family moved to Spanish Fork, Utah.
"In 1858 or early 1859, Geroge B. married Jane McAusland Evans Fordha m. Their
first child was named George and was born at Spanish Fork in 1859 an d died from
pneumonia in Nevada in 1882. There were also 3 boys and 4 girls bor n to this
marriage: George McCausland, Elizabeth, Peter James, Jane, Alice, Dav id, and
"While living in Spanish Fork, George B. became interested in mining . He
located the Jordan mining claim in Bingham Canyon, which was the firs t mining
claim recorded in the state of Utah. Geroge B. moved his second wif e and one
or two of their children to Bingham from Spanish Fork. Peter alway s claimed to
be the first white child born in Bingham Canyon. It was while livin g in
Bingham Canyon that George B. and his partner became invovled with th e leaders
of the Mormon Church and George B. severed his affiliation with the C hurch.
After all the trouble they had at Nauvoo, the leaders of the church d ecided
that mining would bring too many people who were not of their religio n.
"George B. did not have the money to develop the Jordan mining claim , so he
moved his family to Stockton, Utah, wherehe operated a butcher shop f or a short
"In 1868 George B. operated a stage line. His family lived int he Su garhouse
Area of Salt Lake City. When the Southern Pacific Railroad was bein g built,
his stage line carried the railroad passengeers from one terminal poi nt to the
other. When the golden spike was drive in May 1869, he was out o f a job, so he
decided to move the family to California. When they got to Tem Mil e Creek, 10
miles south of Elko, George B. thought it would be a good place to ma ke a ranch
since there was lots of water and a nice natural meadow of hay. The y built a
log cabin that fall. Annie, the youngest, was born at Ten Mile in 18 70.
"There was a dry year in 1870, so George B. decided to move closer t o the Ruby
Mountains. He located on two places. Shortly after moving, George B . and his
second wife separated and each kept one of the places.
"1873 was another dry year that took the heart out of George B. He g ave his
place to his oldest daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband and they wer e totake
care of him the rest of his life, which they did. George B. whippe d the town
bully in Samville when he was 70 years old. He died with Brights dis ease in
Pleasant Valley on Aug. 31, 1879. He was buried in the Samville Ceme tery. His
son, Peter, had the body moved to his plot in the Knights of Pythia s Cemetery
in Elko about 1908."

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____ - ____

Father: John THORNHILL

Family 1 : Thomas CLAYTON
  1. +William CLAYTON Barrister at law

 _John THORNHILL _____|
|                     |
|                     |__
|--Anguis THORNHILL 
|                      __
|                     |  


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