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The First Fugl Family - Page 2

In the same census are listed Karen's parents. They are listed as the seventh family in the garrison. Karen's dad was a Corporal in the military at the time.

1787 Census
1787 Census

Garnisons Compagniet Fladstrand og ..........., 7th Familie
Andreas Fugl
Elisabeth Christensdatter
Corporal 2
Andreas Fugl, the husband, is 60 years old. He is a Corporal.
Elisabeth Christensdatter, the wife, is age 59.

*They are ditto the previous entry, which says "in their first marriage." There are two people in the family.

The next dated record is of Christian's confirmation, which took place in the Lutheran Church when he was about 14 years old.4  His is the eighth entry for the boys (Drangen) in the year 1794. Note that the name, Christian, is abbreviated with an X for the "Christ" part of it.

Christian's Confirmation Record
Christian's Confirmation Record

Aar 1794 i Fladstrand Kirke 
8 Xstian Sorensen - Ole Pedersen
Constabels i Fladstrand 
Year 1794 in Fladstrand Parish
8 Christian Sorensen - Ole Pedersen
Constable's in Fladstrand. 
(it doesn't say whether Christian is a son or stepson) 

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