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The First Fugl Family - Page 1

The first Fugl1 family for which we have a record is that of Andreas Fugl, his wife, Elisabeth Christiansdatter, and their daughter, Karen (the Danish pronounce it Kahren.) We have not been able to find the birth records of any of them, so perhaps they moved into Fladstrand (present day Frederikshavn), Hjørring County, Denmark from another place.

The Fugl Line
The Fugl Line

The first record we have found is Karen's marriage to Ole Pedersen Biorloe. This took place in Fladstrand in 1786. At this time Karen was a widow with a seven year old son, Christian. We have found nothing about Christian's father except that we know his first name must have been Soren since  Christian was known as Christian Sorensen Fugl. Here is Karen's marriage record:2

Karen's Marriage Record
Karen Andreasdatter Fugl's Marriage Record

The following is the translation:

Troelovede Constabel Ole Pedersen Biorloe og Enke Koene 
Karen Andreasdatter Fugl. Forloverne Bombardier Niels Ege-
lund Hoyer og Segeant Fugl. Aegteviede den 8 Dec: 1786
Betrothed Constable Ole Pedersen Biorloe and widow woman
Karen Andreasdatter Fugl. Witnesses: Bombardier Niels Ege-
lund Hoyer and Sergeant Fugl. Married the 8 Dec. 1786

The next document we have found is the 1787 census of Fladstrand which took place just a year after Karen and Ole were married.3

1787 Census
1787 Census

Artillerie ....erientel Fladstrand, 2nd Familie: 
Ole Peders. Biorlou Manden 44 gift 1st gang Constabel 3
Karen Andreasdatter Konen 32 "   2nd gang
Christian Sorensen Aegtab: of K: 1st aeg. 8
Ole is the husband, age 44, married for the first time. He is a Constable.
Karen, the wife, is 32, married for the second time.
Christian, the legitimate child of wife's first marriage, is 8 years old.
There are three people in the family

Note:  in the first family listed, Niels Eglund Hoyer, was a witness at Ole and Karen's marriage. They are most likely friends and/or neighbors.

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