Alice Lady

____ - ____

Father: Richard Duke

Family 1 : Renulfe Viscount
  1. +Renulf de Maschines DE MASCHINES Viscount

                       _Richard Duke________+
 _Richard Duke________|
|                     |
|                     |_____________________
|--Alice Lady
|                      _____________________
|                     |                     


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Allen Stuart ADAMSON Machinist or Carpen

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29 Apr 1823 - 4 Dec 1908

Father: James ADAMSON Flax dresser

Family 1 : Esther Eunice OGILVIE
  1. +Louisa Ellis ADAMSON

                              _John ADAMSON __________
                             | (1738 - ....)          
 _James ADAMSON Flax dresser_|
|  m 1809                    |
|                            |_Jane MIKE _____________
|                              (1740 - ....)          
|--Allen Stuart ADAMSON Machinist or Carpen
|  (1823 - 1908)
|                             _David MIDDLETON Weaver_
|                            | (1751 - ....) m 1777   
|_Ann MIDDLETON _____________|
  (1784 - 1832) m 1809       |
                             |_Jean ESPLIN ___________+
                                m 1777                


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!Spelled Stuart or Stewart.
Sources: Spanish Fork Ward Records, 0027309.
Utah 59a Spanish Fork Cemetery Records.
Utah 59b Spanish Fork Census Records.
He was a machinist and carpenter by trade.
IGI (7104910-57).
A quote from his journal, kept in Pitman shorthand. (He was living i n Dundee,
Scotland, was in the Methodist faith, and age 22 at the time): "... a man came
to work at the same place I was working and he was a 'Mormon'... H e offered me
the Book of Mormon to read. I accepted it with the remark that 'I wo uld point
out his error for him.' I read the book carefully too. Instead of me
detecting errors in it, I found that it showed many errors in my fait h. After
I read it, I was convinced that it contained more truth than I had ev er been
taught to believe... I was not at peace in my mind. I thought tha t I would
come to a determination upon the subject. I saw the Methodists and a ll my
former friends up against me if I joined the 'Mormons.' On the othe r hand, I
saw the truth of God, and I saw how despised the Latter-day Saints we re. Here,
in August of 1845, I reasoned that the truth of God was of greater va lue to me
than the smiles of my friends; so there and then I said to myself, ' I will go
and be baptized and let people say what they might.' I shall never f orget the
peaceful sensation which passed over my whole system the moment I det ermined to
be baptized."
He served as a missionary for the Church from October 1849 to Decembe r 1851,
baptizing 39 converts. To quote from his journal, "I...preached th e mission of
Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer of the last days, and the coming f orth of
the Gospel... Stones and other things were thrown down from the gall ery. An
egg was thrown and smashed, nearly striking a man. One stone struc k past the
side of my head. I did not feel any way put out by this, but I ende d my last
lecture in that place."
He immigrated in 1852 to Nova Scotia, then to Salt Lake, then to Span ish Fork.
In 1884 he built the roof on the Provo Tabernacle for $6,396--all mat erial and
scaffolding furnished.
He was a member of the Spanish Fork choir.
From a letter he wrote to his sister, May: "We arrived in Salt Lak e City Sept.
29, 1854, being a little over three months on the Plains, as we cal l them. But
it was a healthy exercise and we enjoyed ourselves around our campfir es at
night. Although we were in Indian country, still we felt all right . The Lord
was with us. On these great Plains you could see the buffalo by hund reds and
the antelope and deer in herds, free as the air, free to any that nee ded food
or venison. The principle with the Latter-day Saints was not to kil l any game
unless they needed it for food... When I came to this valley, I di d not come
to make money. I came for the Gospel's sake and lo, the Lord has giv en me
temporal blessings also so that I am comfortable and able to school t he
children also and give a meal's victuals to the stranger who may com e in."

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____ - ____

Family 1 : Harold Le Fevre STEELE
  1.  Ada STEELE
  2.  Harold Barker STEELE
  3.  Ralph STEELE
  4.  Larry LeFevre STEELE


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____ - ____

Father: Clarence PRESTWICH
Mother: Abigail STEELE

Family 1 : NOT MARRIED

 _Clarence PRESTWICH _|
| (1892 - 1947) m 1917|
|                     |_____________________________
|                      _Mahonri Moriancumer STEELE _+
|                     | (1870 - 1937) m 1889        
|_Abigail STEELE _____|
  (1895 - 1975) m 1917|
                      |_Charlotte Moore LE FEVRE ___+
                        (1873 - 1941) m 1889        


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Harold Barker STEELE


3 Jul 1920 - 5 Dec 1985

Father: Harold Le Fevre STEELE
Mother: Melda BARKER

Family 1 : ViEtta SARGENT

                           _Mahonri Moriancumer STEELE _+
                          | (1870 - 1937) m 1889        
 _Harold Le Fevre STEELE _|
| (1898 - 1923)           |
|                         |_Charlotte Moore LE FEVRE ___+
|                           (1873 - 1941) m 1889        
|--Harold Barker STEELE 
|  (1920 - 1985)
|                          _____________________________
|                         |                             
|_Melda BARKER ___________|


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