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The First Fugl Family - Page 5

Christian married in Aalborg and later returned with his family to Fladstrand. Fladstrand became known as Frederikshavn in 1818. Christian is listed in the 1827 Census of Fredrikshavn:12

1827 Census
1827 Census

89 Skomager Fugl (shoemaker Fugl). There is 1 male who has been confirmed, 1 female who has been confirmed, and 4 uncomfirmed females for a total of 6 in the family. Which means he and his wife have four daughters with them. There are other families. Perhaps this is an apartment building. They are Ole Rasmussen, Magnus Egstrom's widow (Enke) and Jens Hansen's widow.

The family is again found in Frederikshavn in the 1834 Census.13

1834 Census
1834 Census
Christian Fugl  54 gift Skomager
KirstenChristensdatter 57 gift hans kone
Henriette Christiansdatter  10 ugift deres datter
Christian Fugl age 54 married Shoemaker
Kirsten Christensen age 57 married his wife
Henriette Christiansen age 10 unmarried their daughter

 The family is the third family listed in a group of six families at the same address (an apartment building?) The address is Fiskarklyngen (Fishermens Quarter).

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