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A Visit to Frederikshavn - Page 2
Eldon and Carl at the Beach Eldon and Carl at the beach
We visited the beach, which was windy and cold.

There are two major Lutheran churches in Frederikshavn. The older is the Fladstrand Kirke. I was most interested in that one since our ancestors would have at one time worshipped there. They were having a funeral so we sat in the graveyard and waited until we could go inside. It was beautiful. There was a miniature ship hanging from the ceiling. My impression of the Danish Lutheran churches is that they are very clean and tidy with no ornateness at all.
Fladstrand Kirke Eldon and Janeil in front of the Fladstrand Kirke (Seaman's Church) built in 1688

Map of Frederikshavn Map of Frederikshavn

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