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A Visit to Frederikshavn - Page 1
In 1992 my husband, Eldon, and I along with our fourteen-year-old son, Carl, stayed in Frederikshavn for five days. We arrived by ferry from Göteborg, Sweden on a windy day, August 14th.
Janeil and Carl Janeil and Carl with the harbor in the background

We stayed at the Sjomandshjem (Seaman's Home), a modest and clean place, with the bathroom across the hall and nautical pictures on the walls. They served plain fare family style in the dining room. One memorable meal was rabbit meatloaf and potatoes.

We rented bikes from a campground and wandered all over the town and surrounding area. The old part of town down by the harbor was intriguing. This is where the Fiskerklyngen (Fishermen's Quarters) is located.
The Old part of Townl The Old Part of Town

Powder Magazine Carl in front of the Powder Magazine (Krundttårnet)
Carl toured the Powder House (Krundttårnet), which was once a military fortification, but now serves as a museum. Since it dates from the 17th Century, Sergeant/Corporal Andreas Fugl might have served there.

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