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A Visit to Frederikshavn - Page 4
Bangsbo Museum Eldon and Carl in the courtyard of the Bangsbo Museum
I particularly wanted to visit Bangsbostrand, just south of Frederikshavn, because that's where two of Christian Sorensen Fugl's children were born. One was a little boy, Soren, who died at the young age of two weeks.

There is a museum housed in the old manor which was filled with antique furniture, jewelry made from human hair, lace, etc. There was the remains of a Viking ship, a military exhibit, and an exhibit about ships. The oldest barn in Denmark is there and it was filled with old wagons, sleighs, and tools. There was also an exhibit of ancient stones, many with inscriptions on them.
Stones at Bangsbo Eldon and Janeil amoung the collection of ancient stones at Bangsbo Mueseum

oldest barn in Denmark Janeil in front of the oldest barn in Denmark
Our visit to Frederikshavn gave me a greater appreciation for our ancestors and the rigorous lives they must have led. I know we owe them a great debt of gratitude for the fine heritage they left us. I look forward eagerly to meeting them one day.
-The End

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