F U G L   B U G L


Floyd Allan Hill Jr, Barbara's husband; father and grandfather to a loving family, left this life and moved on, after many years of fighting leukemia. He died 24 January 2001 at the age of 58, Although he left many loved ones here, we know he has joined loved ones on the other side. We are grateful he is part of our family.

A poem written by Niels Fugal in honor of his mother has come to light and is included in this newsletter.

I wish to write of my mother, My mother loving and kind, Who, to me, more than another, Is the idol of my mind. She cared for me in my childhood, And that love in the years of my manhood Is worth more than a wealth of gold. I often was wayward and careless, But she loved me just the same; When I strayed into ways that seemed heartless Her heart condoned the shame. No task was too great for her fingers, Now they're wrinkled, twisted and bent, Ah! my memory fondly lingers On her ministries, heaven sent. Her beautiful light brown tresses Are fading to winters gray, But the wealth of her caresses Grows greater with every day. Her face like an angel's grows brighter With the passing of the years, And her voice makes the dark places lighter As she smooths away my fears. My mother, my beautiful mother, Thank God for your life so sublime, You have taught us two, sister and brother The noblest lesson of time. That for others our lives should be given, That our actions should always be right, Your reward is secure up in heaven, A crown in the mansions of light.



Todd GOOCH (Melvon and Shirley's son) was married last year to Jennifer CLARK. Jennifer was baptized 20 January 2001 by Melvon Gooch.

Carl OLSEN (Eldon and Janiel's son) was married 23 June 2001 to Velvet SALISBURY. Carl baptized her last December.

Samuel Neff FISHER (Anne and Jim's son) and HollyAnn OVARD, daughter of Brent and Cheryl Ovard of Henefer, Utah, were married 27 December 2000 in Henefer.

Katie HOLDAWAY (Boyd and Louise's daughter) and Ken ATKINS, son of Brenda and Eugene Atkins from Logan, were married 6 November 2000.

Sarah BURTENSHAW (Kathleen and Bruce's daughter) and Matthew Kenneth REDD, son of David and Patricia Redd from Farmington, Utah were married 16 May 2001 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Kent GILES (Tom and Linda's son) and Gyeong Sook KANG were married in Korea 27 May 2001.

Dale SHEPHERD (Gary and Colleen's son) and Shawna Lee TOM, daughter of Mr and Mrs Gary Tom, were married 9 June 2001.

Shauna Lee SHEPHERD (Gary and Colleen's daughter) and Brett Joel GRIFFITHS, son of Kay and Susan Griffiths of Cedar City, were married 5 August 2000. Shauna was endowed 20 January 2001.

Rachael Dawn SHEPHERD (Gary and Colleen's daughter) and Jeffrey Jason HIGNITE, son of James and Tami Hignite of Cedar City, were married 26 May 2001.

Cesilie Ann SMUIN (daughter of Joseph and Shauna Giles) and Kristopher Michael WAGNER were married 26 August 2000 in Vernal, Utah.

Adam David SMUIN (Joseph and Shauna's son) and Karly STUBBS were married 12 May 2001 in Pleasant Grove, Utah.



Melba Fugal Gooch family:

Dakota Jean Gooch, daughter of Todd and Jennifer, grandson of Melvon and Shirley, was born 9 May 2001.

Neil Fugal family:

Avis Fugal West family:

Kinzie Larsen, daughter of Angela and Micah and first grandchild for Jayne and Keith Morris, was born 22 December 2000 in American Fork Hospital. She was named and blessed by her father Micah on 11 February 2001.

Aspen FuWei Fisher, daughter of Andrew and Chao-yi, who was born in May 2000 in Vancouver, Canada, was named and blessed by her father on 27 August 2000 in Provo.

Autumn Laurel West, daughter of Jared and Kasie and granddaughter of Vance J. and Karen, was born 11 January 2001 (on her Grandpa's birthday). She weighed 9 lbs 13 oz. She was named and blessed by her father 18 February 2001 in Fresno, California.

Colby James Stettler, son of Angie and Jim and grandson of Vance and Karen, was born 20 June 2001.

Jeffrey Scott Flinders, son of Lisa and Scott and grandson of Judy and Lee, was born 6 September 2000.

Spencer Talmage Matthews, son of Julie and Mark and grandson of Judy and Lee, was born in California 3 January 2001.

Emma Raguskus, daughter of Ryan and Jessica and first grandchild of Jeff and Julie, who was born 31 May 2000, was named and blessed by her father 13 August 2000.

Peyton Spencer West, son of Brad and Stephanie and grandson of Ben and LeAnne, was born 21 July 2000; named and blessed in September by his father.

Calicia Erin West, daughter of Brian and Camille and granddaughter of Ben and LeAnne, was born 16 May 2000. She arrived in the United States from the Marshall Islands with her birth mother and Kira's birth mother also accompanied them. They stayed for a week. Calicia was legally adopted and then came the special day when she was sealed to Brian and Camille and their family and blessed and named by her father. This was 16 June 2001.

Edna Fugal Holdaway family:

Parker Wade Westenskow, son of Sam and Rachelle and Jeanne and Duane's grandson, was born 27 September 2000 in Columbus, Ohio.

Sadie Michelle Holdaway, daughter of Paul and Michelle and Steve and Nancy's granddaughter, was born 4 September 2000.

Lucille Fugal Turner family:

Emily Torgersen, daughter of Blake and Janae, granddaughter of Becky and Don, was born 4 June 2001.

Breanna Jean Ivie, daughter of Marcia and Chris, and granddaughter of Wayne and Sharon, was born 13 June 2001.

Boyd Fugal family:

Boone Evans Hunter, son of Clay and Lisa and grandson of Connie and Steve, was born 15 June 2001.

Mel and Annette have two new grandchildren.

Ian Jacob Erickson, son of Jacob and Melissa Erickson, was born 12 September 2000 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Daxton Paul Budge, son of Paul and Angie Budge, was born 15 August 2000 in St. George, Utah.

Dan and Jill also have two new grandchildren.

Bridger Jack Fugal, son of Patrick and Sommer, was born 17 February 2001.

Hunter Daniel Fugal, son of Brandon and Lacy, was born 1 February 2001; named and blessed 15 April 2001 (Easter Sunday) by his father.

Mary Fowles, daughter of Abbie and Russ and first grandchild of Guy and Paula, was born 2 October 2000; named and blessed by her father Russ on 2 December 2000.

Joyce Fugal Giles family:

Michael James Giles, son of Todd and Jill, 11th grandchild of Michael and Terry Giles, was born 13 September 2000.

Andrew Jacob Giles, son of Kent and Gyeong Giles and grandson of Tom and Linda, was born 18 March 2001 in Korea.

McKenzie Shirley, daughter of Paul and Mykal and granddaughter of Tom and Linda, was born 16 April 2001.

Chayssee Michael Wagner, son of Cesilie Ann and Kristopher, and grandson of Joseph and Shauna, was born 20 November 2000 in Roosevelt Utah; named and blessed by his great grandfather Clayton John Slaugh 4 March 2001 in Vernal, Utah.

Shane Alex Smuin, son of Ryan and Laura Smuin, who was born 9 June 2000 in Payson, Utah, was named and blessed 8 October 2000 by his grandfather Joseph K. Giles in Pleasant Grove.

Grant Fugal family:

Marc Daniel Hunziker, son of Paul and Rachel and Peggy and David's grandson, was born 21 October 2000.




Carol Joyce's family:

Dick and Melodee - - - - -

Dick's family moved last August to a new house in the country overlooking Lake Lowell. Dick has a challenging new job with the Nampa Idaho Fire Department after being with the Pocatello Fire Department for 23 years. Nampa is happy to have his needed and appreciated expertise in their young organization. Dick is the Sunday School president, as well as Cub Scout committee chairman. Melodee is Ward Chorister and Relief Society Enrichment Leader.

Bobby returned from a mission to Charlotte, North Carolina the end of July 2000. He is attending Idaho State College and working at a carpentry shop building closet organizers and furniture.

Karl is serving a mission in West Virginia and will be coming home in November.

Jenni graduated from Seminary and from Pocatello High on June 6, 2001. She lived with Barbara so she could finish her senior year there. She is already attending BYU.

Amy is now 16 years old and active sports (volleyball team and varsity golf team) and is in choir.

Eleven year old Joseph just got his Webelos, Faith in God, and Arrow of Light awards. He like to play chess, baseball - and piano. Stefanie also takes piano lessons, reads well and get very good grades at school. She received a "Principals Award" for student of the month. She is 7 years old.

Deanna and Ray - - - - -

Krystal graduated from Highland High in Pocatello 6 June 2001.

Korey was ordained a Priest by his father Ray Rosen, 14 January 2001.

Kodey was ordained a Teacher by his father Ray Rosen, 19 May 2001.

Ray has been called to be the Ward Clerk. Deanna is back playing the organ after a year off.

Jim and Sheryl - - - - -

Barbara - - - - -

Barbara has a new calling as the education counselor in Relief Society.

C.J was ordained a Deacon 29 April 2001 by his Uncle Jim Davies. He will start junior high next fall and plays football.

Samantha Jo is in the Idaho State University Childrens Choir and loves to sing. She went with the choir to sing at Jackson Hole. She is also a straight A student.

Keith and Lana - - - - -

Keith is Scout Master in their ward and works hard to get all the Scouts advanced. Lana is the 37th Ward Activities Director

Keith also works hard making his swimming pool and spa business succeed. Lana is the family bus driver, helping the kids get to basketball practice, tee-ball practice, etc.

Skylar is 14, will be in 9th grade this fall, is working for his Dad and likes to play basketball (and on the computer)

Chad is 9 years old, plays violin and piano and loves music classes where he does very well.

Janessa is 7 - a good dancer, plays tee-ball, likes swimming in the pool and helping her Mom.

Jaxon will be 4 years old in July. They say he runs the house and keeps everyone else busy running after him.

Margaret and Ken - - - - -

Melba Jo's family:

Melba Jo had her right knee replaced in February. She is still recuperating, waiting to be able to move like the Bionic Woman. Grandma and Grandpa care for Jacob (Brent & Lorie's 3-year old) while his parents work, with Grandpa doing more than his share since Grandma had her knee surgery.

Larry (Florence) is serving as Ward Clerk and Sandy is Personal Progress Leader in the Young Womens program. Their daughter Nicole is attending Salt Lake Community College.

Daughter Stacie has multiple accomplishments this year: Gospel in Action award; 2nd and 3rd place awards in the district "Creative Pursuits" competition; winner of the 5th grade girls "Dare" essay; age group winner for her "Reflections" essay; Calvin Smith Outstanding Academics Award winner; High Honor Roll all year; school representative in Granite School District Writing Festival; Academy West Tumbling Show Team; 2nd place in Copper Hills Tumbling competition; Safety Patrol Officer for the next school year; Outstanding Academic Performance award for being in the top 10 in the nation on the SAT test in Listening, Reading & Science.

Daughter Stephanie also has multiple accomplishments: Presidents Award for Educational Excellence (signed by President Bush); High Honor Roll at Bennion Jr High; cheerleader for Taylorsville High for the next school year; 1st place in the Copper Hills Tumbling competition; Captain of the Academy West Tumbling Show Team; just released as Mia Maid class president.

Roger (Shuman) was recently reappointed as Chairman of the Harrisville Planning Commission. Lynnette has a new job at Ben Lomond High School (Ogden School District) in the Special Ed Department.

Their son Colton was baptized and confirmed, both on 19 September 2000 by his father Roger Ward Shuman. Colton also received awards for Math and Attendance at school.

Son Justin was recently called as Teacher Quorum president. He received an award for scoring in the top 80% and above in Physics.

Trevor received an award for being on the High Honor Roll at Wahlquist Jr High and is a member of the National Honor Society. He also won a Gold Medal at the Summer Games in Cedar City playing soccer.

Daughter Chelsey received awards for Attendance, Spelling and Reading.

Scott (Shuman) and family are now living in Lakeland, Florida. Scott is the Young Mens President in the ward and Colleen is in the Primary presidency. Scott is Product Manager over all the flat crackers for Pepperidge Farms. Colleen is selling pattern packets for table runners which she designed.

Son Jeremy was baptized and confirmed 15 April 2001 by his father Scott Porter Shuman. He just started Cub Scouts; plays baseball; likes the swimming pool in their back yard and the season passes at Disney World.

Tyler was ordained a Deacon 20 August 2000 by his father Scott Porter Shuman. Although he was reluctant to move and missed the snow, he has had a good year. He received an award for his poetry and was on the Honor Roll. He played baseball in a very competitive league and his team won 2nd place in the season and then won the post season tournament. He plays 3rd base and pitches.

Jessica (we hear) was dragged kicking and screaming to Florida and is still being held hostage. She has made a lot of friends there though. She is active in achievement days; she sang a solo in her school's talent show and sang at her brother Jeremy's baptism. She got braces this year too.

Brent and Lorie (Shuman) are enjoying the stages that 3 year old Jacob is going through. He fell and broke his collar bone and has new scrapes and bruises almost every day.

Melvon's family:

Melvon is on the Riverside West Stake High Council. Shirley is Relief Society secretary.

Todd (Melvon and Shirley's son) got a bonus family when he and Jennifer married - Savanna who is 5 years old and Hunter who is 4 years old. Jennifer was baptized a member of the church on 20 January 2001 by her father-in-law, Melvon Gooch. Todd's daughter Brenna turned 5 years old this year. She spends a lot of time with her Grandma and Grandpa while her mom works.

Shelley (Melvon and Shirley's daughter) and her husband Eldon and children live in Pleasant Grove. Eldon is a Family History teacher and Elder's Quorum secretary - and he teaches math and Japanese at Pleasant Grove High. Shelley is Achievement Day Leader in Primary. Their daughter Ashley performed this spring in "Peter Pan" - a Youth Theatre production. McKay just finished kindergarten. Spencer's exciting achievement was learning how to ride a bike without training wheels this year. Wade is 16 months and looks like his Grandpa (Melvon says).

Bill's family:

Gaylon's family:

Daughter Heather and husband Jim have recently bought their first home - in Pocatello. Jim works in the nuclear program at INEEL in Arco, Idaho. Heather teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) and family literacy. They adopted a cat - actually, they saved him from the window of a Perkins restaurant on a very cold, rainy day.

Gaylon and Linda say they are just the same - only older and "wider".


Norma keeps busy with tutoring reading at Central Elementary, working at the extraction center, visiting the temple, attending family activities, teaching a Relief Society Joseph F. Smith lesson, and resurrecting her house from the ashes after a fire last fall. She was blessed find an apartment in her ward, and life has gone on without a hitch - unless you count trauma, losing most of her belongings, and all the decisions she has had to make since! All her children and grandchildren have helped with the clean-up and her son Randy has wisely directed the restoration of the home. She hopes to be able to move back sometime in July.

Gail and Larry's family:

Gail and Larry welcomed Grant home from his mission in Brazil the end of December. Grant's former employer Mad Dog Cycles (bike shop) in Orem enticed him back to work there. He took a semester at UVSC and then transferred to BYU. While at UVSC, he built another ski bike and was able to hike it up for rides on the back of Timp several times before the snow melted. He plans to major in mechanical engineering.

Jewel graduated from Pleasant Grove High June 1, 2001. She worked for Brick Oven last summer and for the Gap during the Christmas season, but is now looking for another job, and just enjoying friends and stuff.

Larry is teaching CTR in Primary and says he has died and gone to heaven (he loves it!). Gail is still doing Relief Society music and also the Teaching of Our Times lesson in Relief Society. Both Larry and Gail are on the Activities Committee in their ward.

Don and Lois's family:

Don and Lois have bought a condo in Logan. Their son Greg and wife Cozette have built a new home in Eagle Mountain.

Janeil and Eldon's family:

Esther, Neil and Pam's daughter, was baptized 3 March 2001 by her father Neil Olsen.


Vance J. and Karen's family:

Vance and Karen were called and set apart as Ogden Temple ordinance workers on November 10, 2000. They went to Fresno, California for the blessing of their grandchild in March.

Carter West, Eric and Michelle's son, was baptized and confirmed by his father Eric on 6 January 2001.

Landon West was ordained to the office of Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood by his father Eric in November 2000. Landon was on the basketball team at Bountiful Jr High. He was advanced in Scouts to the rank of Star Scout.

Daughter Aubrey was chosen to be on the drill team at Bountiful High School. She will also be in the concert choir next year. She tried out for a part in "Joseph", which will be performed late in August in Bountiful as a community play.

Their son Jason played on a competition soccer team that went 12-0 and won the Bountiful Mayor's Cup Soccer Tournament.

Emily, Vance and Karen's daughter, is Director of Administrative Services at Keller Graduate School of Management in San Diego. However, she recently was hired as a counselor for students at UVSC and will be moving back to Utah. She received her degree from the college last year.

Angie and Jim have their first baby, a boy, born this month.

Brian parted company with Sento, but hopes to continue to work in the area since they live in Highland.

Jacob Braithwaite, Rachel and Brian's son, received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained a Deacon by his father on 29 October 2000. He is now the 2nd counselor in the Deacons Quorum. He received the Star Scout rank on April 17, 2001.

Kasie, Jared's wife, graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from Fresno State College with a BA degree in Education in December 2000.

Judy and Lee's family:

Lee and Judy are serving in the Ohio Cincinnati Mission. They entered the MTC on April 24, 2001, and actually only had a few weeks to get ready to go. Their children were all here for their "farewell" and a family gathering before they left. They had a vacation with Cheryl and Duane in April - in Branson, Missouri - had a wonderful time. At one of the shows, the Hughes Brothers came and got Judy out of the audience and sang to her while she stood on stage. They also took a trip to California for the blessing of Julie and Mark's new baby early in March.

Nathan and Jenny are still living in Riverton with their three children, Sarah (7), Stuart (4) and William (2). Nathan works for the Church Auditing Department . He was recently called to be High Priest Group Leader in their ward. Jenny is the Laurel advisor in Young Women and is also a busy mom.

Lisa and Scott and their family moved to Hooper last year. They acquired a horse named Bailey, a dog named Sadie, and a chicken named Crystal and enjoy living the country life. Scott works for Iomega as a Product Manager in their software department. He serves as 1st counselor in the Young Men presidency in their ward. Lisa is the Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Leader in Relief Society.

Ben and LeAnne's family:

Ben and LeAnne moved into a larger home in Bountiful last October. Brad and Stephanie bought the family home. Suzie and Mikel have also moved recently, but stayed in their same neighborhood. Ben is serving as 2nd counselor in the Sunday School presidency, and teaching the High Priest lesson once a month. LeAnne is visiting teacher supervisor. The "Saltaires" Barbershop Show Chorus are competing in Nashville in the annual International Barbershop Chorus events on July 7th. The Saltaires have placed in the top 10 in this competition for the last four years.

Jocelyn West, daughter of Chris and Donna, was baptized and confirmed 5 November 2000 by her father. Ben and LeAnne went to Seattle for the occasion.

Kira, little daughter of Brian and Camille, became gravely ill on Memorial Day with meningitis. She was in Primary Childrens Hospital for about ten days, but miraculously seems to be fully recovered.

Cheryl and Duane's family:

Son Aaron was called to serve in the Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission and went right to Brazil to attend the MTC there. His first assignment is in a town called Ubatuba, right on the oceanside. He feels fortunate to be assigned there because many missionaries in this mission never get out of Sao Paulo. Aaron and his companion baptized a couple in the ocean just recently and it was an awesome experience. He has learned Portuguese well, he says, with the help of the Lord. Brazil is entering the winter season now and it is very rainy - his feet are always wet. He says the good thing about it is that the women now have to wear more clothes.

Noel graduated in June 2001 in Houston, Texas with a Masters degree in orthodontics. He already has his Doctorate in dentistry. Cheryl and Duane went to Houston for the graduation. Noel and his family are moving to Gilbert, Arizona where he is going into the practice of orthodontics with a member of the Church there who has been in practice for 15 years or so. Noel is excited to be making a living finally after so many years in school.

Paul has one more year of dental school left. He is being "Mr Mom" for about four weeks this summer while Samantha works as a dental hygienist.

Corinne and Tim still work in Salt Lake City. They are putting their house in the Sugarhouse area up for sale in hopes of getting into something bigger that they can afford.

Justin received his Masters degree from Idaho State University and went to work for AMI Semiconductors in January 2001. He and Wendi bought a house in Chubbuck. Unfortunately, he was among the 220 people who were laid off in May, so he is currently looking for new employment. Wendi is working as a dental hygienist. Cheryl is happily helping to tend baby Alexa when she works.

Cheryl and Corinne and grandson Kade took a cruise ship from Los Angeles to Encinada, Mexico for three nights this spring and had a good time. Cheryl and Duane and Judy and Lee also took a trip in April to Branson, Missouri.

Jeff and Julie's family:

Jeff has a new job as of July 1st as Director of Finance/Controller at Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix. He came to Utah for his high school class reunion at the end of September 2000 - and then was with Michael as he entered the MTC. Jeff has taught workshops on higher education finance topics in several cities last year - Minneapolis, Cleveland, Portland, Salt Lake City, Boise, San Diego.

Jeff and Julie teach the Young Adult class in their ward. Julie also teaches in Relief Society. She completed her tenure as a sign language interpreter, and will be shifting her focus back to elementary education in the future.>

Their son Matthew was elected president of his class next year (Sophomore 2001-02) at dental school in Portland, Oregon (Oregon Health Sciences University). Jeff spent some time with Matt this spring while on a business trip to Portland. Matt is traveling abroad this summer to Belize (Central America) with his dental school roommate.

James was on the yearbook staff for his Sophomore year and played soccer on the high school junior varsity team. He was recently released as Teachers Quorum president. He is finishing up requirements to complete his Eagle Scout rank this summer.

Their son Michael is serving in the Philippines Cebu Mission. He entered the MTC in Provo on October 4, 2000. His first area in the mission field was on the island of Negros Oriental in the town of Binday.. He and his companion have had great success in teaching and baptizing. His family gets letter from him faithfully each week. He is currently in a city by the name of Mandaue near the capital of Cebu City.

Jessica and Ryan live in Salt Lake City. Ryan is president of the Elders Quorum. Jessica plays the piano for Relief Society. Jessica was chosen to help with logistics for the Salt Lake Olympics as a volunteer. Their baby Emma is a year old now.

Jayne and Keith's family:

Seth graduated from Seminary in May 2001 and from Pleasant Grove High School on June 1st. He was on the High Honor Roll with a 3.8 GPA and received an academic scholarship (Dean's Scholarship) to UVSC. He played 3rd base on the high school varsity baseball team which took 1st place in Region this year. He received an award for "Best Defensive Player of the Year".

Jake is attending UVSC with a major in Business and also working at PGM. He is playing softball for a league in Pleasant Grove in his spare time.

Angela and Micah and new baby Kinzie live in Pleasant Grove. Micah attends UVSC and works at Modus Media. Their baby girl was born on their 1st wedding anniversary, weighing 7 lbs 14 oz. Angela loves being a new mom.

Justin is working for Albertson's in the IS Department installing computers. He travels during the week to Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and through Utah, and enjoys his work. In his spare time, he likes to snowmobile in winter, and water ski, hike and camp in summer.

Keith is the coach of American Legion baseball, but this will be the last year for his coaching duties. Seth will be playing for them this summer. They have attended the Summer Games in Cedar City this month (June). Jayne is in her 8th year of working for Pleasant Grove City.

Anne and Jim's family:

Anne and her five daughters and two of the granddaughters attended Womens Conference together in May at BYU. They were also able to help with the Humanitarian projects one afternoon and evening. It was a great experience.

Sam and Holly are living with Anne and Jim for the time being. Both of them are baking at Kneaders. Sam is learning to fly and hopes to get his pilots license in a couple of months. Holly just attended a clogging workshop at BYU.

Andrew graduated in May from Utah College of Message Therapy. He has been accepted at a college for Oriental medicine in San Diego and will enter that program in September. They plan to move there after he completes an assignment in Denver translating Tagalog. He has been working at Camp Williams for a year - -translating Chinese. He has been serving in his ward as music chairman and chorister in Sacrament meeting.

Bill and Micki:

Bill is serving as 2nd Counselor in Young Mens and Deacons Quorum Advisor. Micki was called to be Primary President in April.

Ryan was ordained a Teacher 18 February 2001 by his father Bill. He received his Life Scout rank in August 2000. Russell received his Star Scout rank on May 9th 2001. Ryan and Russell both received an award for Outstanding Brass Player in their school's Cougar Band. Both Ryan and Russell have served as Bugler in their Scout troop. They both play piano also. They have been playing basketball this past season with the Deacons.

Amelia, Heather, Jared and Olivia have been playing baseball (T-ball in the case of the two younger ones). Amelia is also learning piano and violin, and enjoying orchestra. Amelia, Heather, and Jared are participating in the Eagleridge Enrichment program for homeschool children through the school district. Olivia sang a solo in Primary last February and then they asked her to sing again as part of a group of Primary children for Fathers Day.

Joel and Kelly:

Britney works as a life guard at Lagoon. Stratton is playing competition basketball and just completed a couple of basketball camps this summer. He went with his team to Las Vegas in April for a tournament. All their children are involved in sports throughout the year - soccer, baseball, - whatever is in season - and they all do very well. It keeps Joel and Kelly busy going to their practices and games.

Mark and Carrie:

Melissa graduated valedictorian from Lehi High School with a 4.0 GPA for all of her high school and junior high school years. She also got a perfect 36 on the Math portion of her ACT. She represented Lehi High as the Sterling Scholar in Math. She was in the National Honor Society. She was part of the Encore Show Choir at the school - they participated in a competition in Seattle and also toured the area and did several performances this spring. She was on the Seminary Council. She will be attending BYU and just got a job working there in the administration building.

Ammon was called as Teachers Quorum president in January. Amber was called as 2nd counselor in her Beehive class.

Mark and Carrie's company, Dietz Engineering, Inc., has gone international this year. They have made three trips to Brazil this year, and there is a possibility of going to Hungary, Mexico or China. They do work for Caterpillar, GM, etc. Their family has taken up the hobby of rock hunting this year and have enjoyed several "breaks" to collect rocks this year. Carrie is Visiting Teacher coordinator and Mark serves as assistant executive secretary in their ward.

Carrie has had some serious problems with a genetic disease called Celiac Sprue. She can control it by eliminating all foods with gluten in them, and is learning a new lifestyle.

Craig and Heather:

Craig is Director of Public Affairs at LDS Business College. He also works on the Church Public Affairs Committee for the Olympics. He is in his 5th year as 1st counselor in the South Ogden Utah Stake presidency. Heather is Education Counselor in the Relief Society and also the Ward Choir organist and Stake Organist. She's involved in PTA and spent the last year tutoring in the "I Can Read" program at an elementary school.

Their son Matthew graduated from Seminary and from Bonneville High School in May 2001. He lettered in Music, and was awarded the Louis Armstrong award, given to the top Jazz Band student each year, and a "Gold B" award, given for superior ratings at region competition. Matt was Drum Major for the marching band and assistant director for Symphonic and Jazz bands. Their symphonic band competed and performed in Seattle in April. He will be the drum line coach for the high school next year, while he goes to college. He received a one-year, renewable scholarship to Weber State University, where he plans to attend until time for his mission in August 2002.

David finished junior high, has been active in Jazz and symphonic band, and received several superior (1 or 1+) ratings at the Solo/Ensemble festival playing his trombone. He is also doing well at learning the piano. He also was involved in National Academic League (NAL) competition, State Science Olympiad (where he received a 4th and 5th place), and German Fair. He received the Presidents Education Award and the Outstanding Spartan Citizenship award. He also earned his Life rank in Scouts and hopes to complete his Eagle project this summer.

Michael finished 7th grade with honors. He has enjoyed learning to play the string bass in orchestra this year and received a superior rating at his first Solo/Ensemble festival. He plays the string bass in the Beginning Jazz Band also. He participated in State Science Olympiad, earning a bronze medal. He completed his Star rank in Scouts.

Eliza and husband Wendell are working and studying at BYU. Eliza has been 2nd counselor (Enrichment) in Relief Society in their ward this past year and Wendell the Stake Public Affairs Specialist.

Danny spent the first 8 months of his mission in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is now in his second area - Mishawaka, just outside of South Bend in the north part of the state.

Joel and Laurie:

Joel is attending Missouri Western State College, working on completing his teaching degree. Their ward was recently divided and Joel was released as High Priest Group Leader. He was called as Sunday School president in their ward in June 2001. Adam was also called in June as secretary in the Priests Quorum. Laurie continues as president of the Young Women.

Joshua is currently the assistant Scout Master He attended BYU for a semester and now is at Missouri Western while he prepares for his mission. Joshua works at WalMart.

Adam took the GED and left high school and enrolled at Missouri Western. He is also taking a correspondence course in Art. He also works at WalMart.

Tracy is president of the Teachers Quorum. He recently sang at District and State Solo/Ensemble competitions and received the highest score both places. As a Freshman at Cameron High School, he was on the Academic Team, in Jazz Choir, a mixed double quartet, and choir. He works part time for a local farmer.

Jennifer and Jason live in Orem. They are soon starting a new home in Springville. Jennifer works at RC Willey and Jason is very busy with installing siding on homes. Jason serves in the Young Men presidency. Jennifer is working in the Primary

Shaun and Camille:

Daughter Alysia, husband Mike and their two children are in the process of moving to Ogden where Mike will start a new job as Internal Auditor at Weber State University in July. He has been working at Dixie College as an accountant.

Mike and Alysia are Nursery leaders in their ward, and Alysia also helps with Relief Society Enrichment night.

Alysia is busy being a mommy and working at her home-based catalog business in her spare time.

Arie and Wes and their little son have moved back to Utah after being in the military in Florida for a couple of years. Wes is working at Target in St. George.

Aaron recently received a mission call to Indianapolis Indiana Mission and will leave the latter part of August. He was ordained an Elder in July 2000 by his father. He earned his Black Belt in Tang Soo Do (Karate) this Spring. He's working at the Imax Theatre at Zions Canyon.

Faith is working at a video store and also at Radio Shack - and taking several performing arts classes.

Rachel recently turned 12 and is now in Young Women. She also was advanced in Belt rank in karate.

Shaun is teaching the High Priest group in their ward as well as serving as Stake Sunday School President.

Camille teaches in Primary


Jeanne and Duane's family:

David and Regula's family:

David and Regula traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in March to visit with Regula's brother Mark, who is mission president there. David was released from his calling at the Missionary Training Center in September. He and Regula are now the Young Single Adults leaders in their ward.

Jon was called as a counselor in the bishopric in their ward in Lawton, Oklahoma. He is assigned military duties as a defense attorney in the Army J.A.G. at Fort Sill. Jon and Juliette's daughter 6-year-old Kaelin, is attending a theatre workshop in Los Angeles this summer (Juliette and their son are also there with her). At the conclusion of the workshop, she will appear in a production of "Music Man".

Adam has been the band teacher at Payson High School this past school year and has started a music instrument and supply business in American Fork. It is called The Rhythm Section. Adam's wife Bing is teaching the Philippine language to members of the National Guard linguistics unit. Adam and Bing, along with their children Reuben and Kamisha, will be appearing in Payson Community Theatre's production of "The King and I" with performances in August. Bing's mother, Irene Bautista, has been visiting from the Philippines since last October.

Steve and Nancy's family:

Steve is the Gospel Doctrine teacher and Nancy is Relief Society President in their new ward - Greenacres Ward - in a new stake, Spokane Valley Stake.

Steve Raab, their son-in-law, graduated from Eastern Washington University in December 2000 with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. He took a job with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and is working in eastern Washington. Steve and Amy are moving into a new home in Liberty Lake, Washington, as of the end of June.

Suzanne and her husband Scott Flake live in Tucson. Suzanne is Relief Society secretary and Scott is the Ward Mission Leader. Suzanne is teaching piano lessons.

Paul and Michelle live in Liberty Lake, Washington. Paul is 2nd counselor in the bishopric. Michelle is Primary Chorister. Paul works in Spokane as Product Manager for WorldWide Packets, a network equipment company. He left Agilent Technologies last October to take this new job. They took a trip to Italy this spring to visit some friends in Sicily. They have 3 daughters, Liza (5), Emma (3), and Sadie (1). Liza and Emma enjoy playing together and recently took ice skating and swimming lessons together. Baby Sadie is just beginning to walk.

Barbara and Floyd's family:

After 10 years with leukemia, Floyd tried a new type of bone marrow transplant in January. It did not go as hoped and he died of complications on January 24, 2001. Valerie left school in Logan and has moved back home. Russell will return from his mission in Japan in September. We appreciate so much the prayers and love expressed by our family.

Boyd and Louise's family:

In July last year, Boyd and Louise took a trip to the NorthWest and spent some time in Victoria. For making life more pleasant - Louise is taking some classes in oil painting. Boyd enjoys gardening.

Hilary and Tim are building a new home in Nampa, Idaho. They have two children. Tim is sales rep for Anderson Lumber. Hilary is a controller (financial) for a company in Salt Lake City.

Katie and Ken and Katie's son live in Orem. Ken works as a plumber.

Andy returned last August from the Hungarian Budapest Mission. He is attending BYU, majoring in Economics. This summer, he is in Bulgaria teaching leadership skills to budding entrepreneurs. His good friend Josh Cannon (Joe Cannon's son) served a mission in Bulgaria. Josh has done similar teaching in other places and now Andy is helping.

Debbie and Devon's family:

Debbie and Devon moved into a new home last July - about one mile from their old home. In their new ward, Devon is serving with the High Priests and Debbie is in the Relief Society presidency.

Heather and her husband Ken and baby Deren have been living in Logan. They just bought their first home in Hyrum.

Robert is attending BYU and this past school year, has also been teaching a sculpting class at a high school in the Alpine District.

Dan has been attending his first year at UVSC and is preparing to go on t mission.

Steven just completed his junior year at Pleasant Grove High and received an award for "Art Student of the Year".


Wayne and Sharon Hicks family:

Miranda and Alan moved to Roy just before Christmas last year. Miranda is Relief Society secretary. She will be teaching full time at the high school in Bountiful this fall.

Marie graduated from Springville High School on May 22, 2001. She will be attending Utah State University in Logan this fall.

Glen is an Honor student at Springville High and was elected a member in the National Scholastic Honor Society of Secondary Schools and inducted on April 30, 2001. Membership is based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. Glen plays the cello in the orchestra and they have performed several times in concerts and also performed in Colorado and will be going to California to perform very soon.

Marianne will be in 4th grade this fall and likes school very much.

Becky and Don's family:

Becky and Don moved into a home in Springville which is larger and all on one floor and also very convenient to the church, Becky's school and a grocery store.

Janae and Blake (Torgersen) recently moved into the house where Janae grew up and enjoy having their own place. Blake graduated from Salt Lake Community College in May 2001 with a Associate of Applied Science Degree in Surveying Technology. They just had their second child.

Kirsten and Richard (Weber) moved to Richfield last September when Richard transferred there with Sears. They love being in a small town, and enjoy their yard and garden. Richard teaches Sunday School and Kirsten is the Beehive Advisor. Their son Spencer will be in 1st grade this fall.

Their daughter Rebecca was baptized 3 June 2000 by her father. She will be in 4th grade.

Shaunalei and Erik (Andersen) have put their house in West Valley up for sale. Erik has been working in Lindon for a year and a half and they are tired of the commute.

The week prior to her 30th birthday, Shaunalei remembered a goal she made five years ago to "write a novelette before age 30". So, thanks to a kind husband who spent many an hour taking care of the kids, Shaunalei finished the first draft by 10:30 p.m. on her birthday, May 6th. "The Moment" is the story of a 15-year old girl who allows herself to be tempted with a boyfriend but stays clean! If anyone is interested in reading it, contact Shaunalei via email at shaunalei@codepoet.org

Michelle and Cody (Whitney) have two little boys - Patrick, age 4 and Daniel who will be 3 in September. Cody works at Longview Fibre in Spanish Fork. Michelle is a stay-at-home Mom, but is doing some acting for enjoyment. She is in "The Sound of Music" playing Frau Schmidt. In August, she'll be playing the part of Mrs Peru in "Music Man".

Jon and Shane's family:

Jon and Shane moved to Mapleton last fall into a home formerly owned by the famous golfer Billy Casper.

Jon and Shane traveled to Scotland last February and just recently returned from visiting several countries in Europe.

Their daughter Amy Nicholes graduated from Springville High School on May 22, 2001.

Doug and Susan's family:

Sue has been visiting with Sally and her family in Rochester, New York.

Laurel and Sonny's family:

Steve (Laurel and Sonny's son) is a counselor in the Elders Quorum presidency.

Brandt Steven Braun, Steve and Vickie's son, graduated from Payson High School on May 22, 2001 and from Seminary on May 20, 2001.

David (Steve and Vicki's son) was ordained a Deacon 13 May 2001.

Shea (Laurel and Sonny's son) is the accompanist for the Ward Choir.


Boyd and Venice received the Beautification Award for the North Fields. The city put a sign up in the flowers in front of the house. Boyd has worked hard on the lot. Venice is serving as the daytime Relief Society coordinator.

Last August 10 through 17, Boyd and Venice took all their children on a week-long cruise to Alaska. In March, they had a week vacation in Palm Springs with Connie and Celeste. They also attended Boyd's World War II Air Group Wasp Reunion June 3rd through 6th, 2001.

Dan and Guy and Niels Fugal Sons Company were nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services for Utah, and received that award on June 18, 2001. They will now be competing nationally next winter.

Through the urging of business associates, they were compelled to go through the application process and were interviewed by the committee many months ago. At a banquet at the Salt Palace Ballroom, very much like the Academy Awards is done, they were announced as winners! Boyd and Venice, Dan and Jill and their sons Brandon, Cameron and Patrick and their wives, Guy and Paula and daughters Page and Abbie and her husband were all there. It was a huge honor and they felt very humbled to be considered. They talked about their Grandpa Fugal and father and mother, Boyd and Venice, and their good example for standards and work ethics in the business, and how as little boys they played in the sand box and strategized with their Tonka trucks. And now as men they still strive for those same standards as they have diversified the business into other fields such as fiberoptic cable laying in the telecommunication field and inside wiring. It was great to see brothers who get along well complementing each other in making a business succeed in the third generation, especially when it is notorious for family businesses to fail in the third generation. We are very proud of them for their accomplishments and especially their integrity which they learned from their parents and grandparents and strive to carry on today.

Connie and Steve's family:

Aspen Rae Hunter, daughter of Clay and Lisa, was baptized 27 January 2001 and confirmed 28 January 2001 both by her grandpa, Steven Dee Hunter.

Connie and Steve are excited about two new grandchildren coming in October and January (#9 & #10) to Brooke and Nicki and their husbands.

Annette and Mel's family:

Two missionaries in their family are returning from missions for the Church. Jeff served in the Arizona Tucson Mission and spent most of the time in El Paso, Texas on the border of Mexico speaking Spanish. He returned home April 25th. Scott will be returning July 2nd from his mission in the Australia Sydney South Mission. He will report on his mission in their ward on July 8th. Both Jared and Jeff will be going to school in the Fall, Jeff at BYU and Jared at UVSC.

Mel and Annette enjoy vacations to Star Valley, Wyoming in the hot summer or St. George in the cold winter.

Melvyn has a new calling as High Priest Group Leader in their ward.

Shylee Sweeten, daughter of Dustin and Darlene (Mel's family) was baptized 25 November 2000 by her father Dustin Sweeten.

Devon Purser, son of Bart and Lynne (Mel's family) was baptized 2 December 2000 by her father Bart Purser.

Daughter Michelle and Jim have two girls, Anna (4) and Kirsten (2) and will soon be moving into a new home in Draper.

Stephanie lives in Provo and has two girls Aubrey (12) and Madison (3).

Jake and Bobbi live in Sandy with their baby boy Ian.

Julie and Matt live in Salt Lake City with their two children Chancellor (3) and Alexandria (1). They are also raising Matt's younger brother Luke who is 11 years old, and he is just one of the grandkids for Annette and Mel.

Jodie and Justin live in Murray, working and going to school.

Scott and Susanna live in Orem - Susanna works for IHC and Scott runs his own landscape business. He plans to keep Jeff and Jared very busy helping him this summer.

Mel's children, Christine, Darlene, David, Lynne, Lisa, Brad and Angie are all busy raising their own families. When you add 16 grandchildren (Mel's) and 8 grandchildren (Annette's) - it makes for a full house when they all get together.

Dan and Jill's family:

Dan is serving his 4th year as Stake President of the North Field Stake. Jill has a new calling, teaching in Relief Society.

Their youngest son Matthew is serving in the Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission, currently in Key Largo.

Patrick and Sommer's little daughter Trinity Sage was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer) last September and has undergone treatment with chemotherapy. She had surgery to remove a kidney, then finished chemotherapy this spring after nine months. Her parents threw an "End of Treatment" party for her and the family. She did very well with treatment and she has a very good prognosis. The nurses really loved their little strawberry blond doll (and no, she didn't lose her hair). Thanks to the Family for all your prayers and fasting in her behalf!

Patrick works as an operator for the Fugal Company. Their family moved into a home in Cedar Valley last September.

Cameron finished all his aviation ratings and is type rated as a corporate jet pilot. Most of his time is being occupied by flying all over the country for Fugal Company. He works in the Human Resource Department of Niels Fugal Sons. Danielle, his wife, keeps busy with children Karissa and Mckay. They live next door to Dan and Jill. Both Cameron and Danielle serves in the Primary and Nursery in their ward.

Brandon works in commercial real estate in Salt Lake. He was ranked #1 in the western states and #2 nation wide for Coldwell Banker Commercial as their top producer this past year. He leases commercial office space throughout the Wasatch Front in Utah. Big sister Rylie loves new baby brother Hunter and can hardly wait until he is old enough to play. Their home is in Pleasant Grove near the family and both Brandon and Lacey serve in the Primary in their ward.

Kathleen and Bruce's family:

Sarah graduated from BYU in April 2001 with a Bachelor's degree in Fitness and Wellness Management. She was married on May 16th to Matthew Redd in the Salt Lake Temple. Matthew is a student at University of Utah. They have known each other for a long time. Matthew and his family also live in Farmington.

Natalie graduated from Davis High as an Honor Student on June 1, 2001. She will attend Utah State this fall.

Becky and Damon are also students at Utah State University.

Eric finished his 4 year commitment with the Marines in April and is now working and planning to go to school.

Megan will be a cheerleader for Farmington Jr High this fall.

Guy and Paula's family:

Paula was named as assistant principal at Pleasant Grove Jr High this past school year. She and Guy are loving their new role as grandparents.

Guy is serving as 2nd counselor in the BYU 101st ward.

Daughter Abbie teaches Primary and her husband Russ is Young Men secretary.

Page (Guy and Paula's daughter) was promoted at Primary Childrens Hospital. She is now the dietician over all food services at the hospital.

Viola and Gale's family:

Viola is ward chorister and also the 2nd counselor in Relief Society. Gale and Viola were able to travel to Ireland this spring. She is still working for the city of Red Bluff.

Jenny and Steve and two children are building a new house by Boyd and Venice. They have spent the last 7 years in a basement apartment and are excited about having a house.

Ashlie is a senior in college, attending Sacramento State and Sierra Colleges.

Jessica just finished her freshman year at Shasta College

Ally is 16 and will be a high school junior this fall.

Celeste and Scott's family:

Cy Russell Adams was ordained an Elder in July 2000. He entered the MTC on December 6, 2000 and is now serving a mission in the Jamaica Kingston Mission.

Isaac Kay Adams graduated from Pinedale High School this spring. He was a candidate for the national Presidential Scholars award. He also received several scholarships and awards for his outstanding academic achievements during his high school years.

Jesse Dean Adams was ordained a priest in October of 2000.

Niels' family:

Niels is project coordinator for the Fiber Optic Cable division of Niels Fugal Sons in Austin, Texas. He was doing the same job for Reno and Sacramento, but he is glad to be closer now to his daughters who live in Pflugerville, Texas.

Cierra is 10 years old and likes to sing and swim. Mikkayla is 12 years old and is busy with basketball camp and school.

David is married to Debbie and they have a year old son, Jeffrey. David is working in commercial real estate. They live in Sandy, Utah

Pat and Gregg's family:

Gregg has a new calling as Scout Master in their ward. Their son Brad is in Scouts now so they are both busy! Gregg was released as Young mens president which he loved - ...and Scouts are great too. Pat is Achievement Day leader with 16 girls in her charge. The girls are great and it's a great calling! Pat wonders why they have a house to live in when really all she ever sees is the inside of the car chasing from one place to another - does life ever calm down?? They are reminding themselves that these are the best years of their lives.

Their daughter Emily graduated from high school and four years of Seminary and attended Ricks college last year (BYU Idaho!). She is majoring in Social Work and wants to work for L.D.S. adoption services. She is working this summer at an orthodontist office where she has worked before. She like to snowboard, water ski and play soccer. She is teaching CTR 6 in Primary and helping Pat with Achievement Day.

Michael is 15, survived his first year of early morning Seminary, and has his learners/driver permit. He had a great experience being on the school wrestling team and swim team. He also likes to water ski and wake board. He is working on his Eagle project and hopes to complete it this summer. He is putting together at least 200 Hygiene kits for the Church. Now it is up to his Mom to run him around everywhere to get the donations!!

Brad is 12 and was ordained a Deacon last October. He is close to being a Life Scout. He loves to snowboard, wrestle, play soccer, swim and water-ski. He is learning how to wake board.

Kyle is 8. He was baptized in Utah at Thanksgiving time. It was a great time because there were so many of the family there. His Grandma and Grandpa Smith had just returned from a mission to Houston, Texas so they were also able to share the experience. Kyle loves to swim, play soccer, snow and water ski, wrestle and play basketball.


Joyce and Kent have been blessed to be able to travel to be with their family for every special event - babies, baptisms, weddings, graduations and birthdays. They just returned from a trip to Virginia with Janene and Chelsea for granddaughter Amy's graduation. They are still serving in the St George Temple two days a week and love to do that. They recently held their own family reunion at Lake Perris State Recreation Area in California, with Janet in charge.

Michael and Terry's family:

Michael and Terry's son Jordan has been called to serve in the Philippines Baguio Mission and entered the MTC on May 23, 2001.

Tanya Marie Giles graduated from high school in Mesa Arizona in December 2000. She will start her freshman year at New Mexico State University in Fall 2001. She is now working as a gymnastics coach in the Gym Magic gymnastics school in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Mindy finished a one-year internship as a Research Associate in December with Wirthlin Worldwide in Provo, Utah. She worked part time over the internet for Wirthlin during Spring 2001 semester at New Mexico State University where she majors in journalism and communication studies. During the break this summer, she works as an outdoor adventure leader at a wilderness ranch in northern New Mexico. She leads youth groups on 2-week adventures that include backpacking, rapelling, horseback riding, and white water rafting. At home, she is training Whisper, a 2-year old filly. Whisper is a quick learner - Mindy put the saddle and bridle on her and then started riding her early in May this year.

Monte, who graduated from New Mexico State in May 2000 with an electrical engineering degree, is employed by InTel in Folsom, California. He and his wife Nancy and their two daughters, Megan and Brooke, returned in April 2001 from a 3-month assignment in Spain. In May, they moved into a brand new home in Folsom which was built while they were in Spain.

Todd and Jill and baby Michael recently visited Taiwan where they were able to see many of the people Todd knew on his mission and visit areas where he served. Todd just started a job as an electrical engineer and computer scientist with Anadigm Corporation in Chandler, Arizona. The company specializes in a new type of electronic chip called a programmable analog array. Todd will be working with his brother Troy in this company that broke off from Motorola two years ago. He will take a 4-month leave of absence from work this fall so he can complete his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at New Mexico State University. He will graduate in December 2001 with the two Bachelor majors and a minor in mathematics. They are moving to Gilbert, Arizona.

Tracy Giles officially joined the Air Force in April 2001 as a cadet in the Air Force ROTC program at New Mexico State University. He will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant when he graduates from New Mexico State in December 2001. He is now finishing a 5-week training program at Tyndal Air Force Base in Florida. Tracy is serving as Elders Quorum secretary.

Tom and Linda's family:

Tom and Linda's son Aaron returned from a mission in Brazil-Belo Horizonte Oeste on February 16, 2001.

Bradley Michael Sutton, son of John and Michelle, was baptized 16 September 2000.

John Sutton is currently serving as Assistant Ward Financial Clerk in their ward.

Tom and Linda's daughter Cory is currently serving as her Laurel class president.

Paul Shirley (Mykal's husband) is Teachers Quorum Advisor and Varsity Scout Team Coach.

Diane and Richard's family:

Amy Blodgett, Diane and Richard's daughter, graduated from Stonewall Jackson High on June 12, 2001.

Jeffrey, Diane and Richard's son, was ordained a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood 13 August 2000.

Jeffrey was one of the top students in the Science Olympiad held this spring for 6th graders at Stonewall Middle School. He has also been part of a KMO Team which competes with teams from other schools in knowledge mastery.

Their daughter Carly, a 10-year old 4th grader, was the top reader at Sudley Elementary for the past school year, earning over 700 accelerated reader points, at least 200 more than any other student in the school. She was winner at her school in the Virginia Math League Contest.

Gary and Colleen's family:

Gary is currently serving as Assistant Ward Clerk in the Leeds 2nd Ward. Colleen is CTR 5 teacher in Primary.

Brett Griffiths (their new son-in-law) is 1st counselor in the Young Mens organization. His wife Shauna is Mia Maid Advisor.

Joseph and Shauna's family:

Brandon John Smuin, Joseph and Shauna's son, has joined the U.S. Army Reserves and is at Fort Jackson in South Carolina this summer for nine weeks of Basic Training.

Neil and Sharon's family:

Neil is serving as 2nd Counselor in the bishopric of the Orem Park 7th Ward. He was ordained a High Priest by his father Kent Giles.

Stephen, Neil and Sharon's son, was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church 5 May 2001, both ordinances performed by his father Neil.

Jenny graduated this spring from Mountain View High. She will attend UVSC this fall with a full tuition scholarship.

Aubrey graduated from Orem Jr High and will move on to Mountain View High this fall. She will be on the varsity drill team, the Bruinettes. Whitney graduated from Orem Elementary and will attend Orem Jr High next fall.

Janet's family:

Janene and Kevin's family:

Janene is currently serving as 1st Counselor in Young Women. Kevin is 1st Counselor in Young Men. Chelsea is 1st Counselor in her Laurel class presidency.


Grant and Jeniel celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on January 4, 2001 with their family. They are still serving in the temple two mornings a week.

Most of the family took a trip to Arches National Park in April and had a good time except for the 70 mph winds that tore up most of the tents.

Richard is still living in Wellsville near Logan. He reports that not much is new except his computer and has decided that he's got to keep a handle on how many computers he can have. When one comes in, another will have to go out.

Ruth reports that nothing has changed in her life except her desk at work was moved. She continues to serve as a Primary teacher of the 10-year olds

Lee and Joy's family:

Lee and Joy will be moving to Vernal mid-July. The Church Temple Committee requested that he transfer to the Vernal Temple where he will be the Chief Engineer. He has been working as the Assistant Engineer at the Albuquerque Temple.

Hans has recently taken a job working with the Church Internet Development Group. He is a senior at BYU but has two more years of school to complete his double major - music and computer science.

Jacob is attending BYU - through the summer - and will be a senior this fall. He is working for a company that develops software for promotional industries. He attends a singles ward and is co-chairman of the activities committee.

Von was at BYU last year and is now in the MTC. He will serve in the California Fresno Cambodian Speaking Mission, leaving the MTC on July 4th.

Russel has been attending BYU for the past year and is working this summer at Aspen Grove Family Camp in Provo Canyon - and loves his job. He'll be back at BYU this fall.

Nicholas is a lifeguard at the El Dorado Community Pool for the summer. He was recruited to dance in the Nutcracker this past Christmas.

Heather just received her Gospel in Action award. She has one more year in Primary.

Gregory just received his Wolf Badge and is now a Bear Scout.

Jeanne and Brad's family:

Brad has enrolled in UVSC/Sky West's flight school and is working on his commercial pilot's license. This is something he has always wanted to do, so he seized the opportunity when it came up.

In January, Jeanne was named Pleasant Grove and Lindon Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year.

Klin earned his Book 1 Cello trophy and is already halfway through the second book. He enjoys sports too.

Peggy and David's family:

Peggy is working in a drafting position at Architectural Coalition in Springville.

Enoch is stationed in Okinawa in the Marines, but just left for a month on a training mission to Guam.

Rachel and Paul and their baby boy have recently moved into a new home in Pleasant Grove

Seth graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in June 2001. He was captain of the swim team and also enjoyed his weight training class. He has been offered a scholarship to Snow College in Building and Construction. He works at Gary's Service Station in Orem and is trying to decide what he will do this fall.

Peter will begin his junior year this fall. Esther loves sports and is especially enthusiastic about soccer. She plays on a European Pro Soccer Club competition team.

Susie and Michael's family:

Susie and Michael attended the Presidential Inauguration in January as the Tabernacle Choir performed. Susie just recently toured with the Choir to the Southern States. Michael now works at Hill Field.

Holly completed her first year at Dixie College and is now living in Provo where she works at the Daily Herald as a Customer Service Representative, and also works at the Provo Rec Center and Pleasant Grove Veteran's Memorial Pool as a swim instructor and lifeguard. She plans to attend UVSC in the fall.

Tim just completed 7th grade and was recruited by the high school band to be a percussionist last year. He earned his Life Scout rank and is working on his Eagle.

Ray and Sandy's family:

Sandy is doing very well following her treatments for lung cancer. All reports are good. She is teaching Reading Recovery each morning and will now be a music specialist 3 days a week in the afternoon. She is nursery leader in their ward. Ray was named Vice President of Operations at Niels Fugal Sons.

Scott returned home from his mission to have surgery on his knee. He had a ligament transplant prior to his mission and it had detached. He is now recovering and hopes to go back to his same mission soon. He enjoyed serving on the Strawberry Days Committee during his recovery time.

Jay graduated from Seminary and from Pleasant Grove High School in June 2001. He served as Senior Class Secretary, A capella Vice President, Pleasant Grove Youth Mayor, head judge for the city's Youth Court, was Academic All-Region in Football, was named Honorable Mention in All-Region Football. He has a scholarship to Utah State University in the fall. He is 1st assistant in his Priest Quorum and is a 4th generation Niels Fugal Sons employee.

Todd was Student Body President at the Pleasant Grove Jr High during the past year. He also played alto saxophone in the Jazz Band. He made 1st Chair in the Senior High School Wind Ensemble and looks forward to attending high school. He serves on the city's Youth Court. Todd had a benign tumor removed from his back which is now completely healed - and he even ranked 2nd in the Junior High School State Wrestling Tournament. He is a counselor in his Teachers Quorum. He works at Fugal's as the yard boy.

Kylie has enjoyed playing the violin and is planning to switch to the viola. She sang with the school choir in the Hope of America Freedom Festival Concert at BYU this past May and also plays the piano. She won the "Two Ball" competition for her age group and participated at the state tournament.

Brig and Debbie's family:

Brig and Debbie and family moved to Park City last summer. Brig commutes to Pleasant Grove to work at Niels Fugal Sons. Debbi works in Salt Lake City.

Jenny has enjoyed traveling and just spent some time in Florida with friends.

Carson won the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee at his school in Park City. He attributes his success to phonics; says it works every time. He sang with the school chorus at the opening of the American Cup Tournament in Park City last October.

Kent and Kelly's family:

Kent has accepted a new position with J-U-B Engineering in Boise and they will be moving to a new home in July. Kent has enjoyed being a Scout Master. Kelly has been working part time at the elementary school.

Josh earned his Faith in God award and his Bear patch in Cub Scouts. He is taking piano lessons and also took a drama class at the high school.

Karen and Jeff's family:

Jeff started back to school at the University of Phoenix. He is working on his Certified Financial Planning License and is employed at Fidelity Investments. Karen has been working at the Bureau of Reclamation in Salt Lake City, but recently started working at Niels Fugal Sons in the Human Resources department. She works with the insurance and government regulations. Her Spanish is very helpful when working with employees. Karen is also an Olympic volunteer.

Jeffrey will soon earn his Eagle Scout rank and he also has his Learner's Driving permit.

Spencer earned his Wolf Badge and loves being in Bears. Joseph will be in school all day as he begins 1st grade this fall.

Lila and Leo's family:

Leo accepted a position this past year as a strength and conditioning coach for the basketball team. He continues to coach track and football and is still working on his masters degree. Lila packs the kids along to many of the home games. Leo also teaches the Elders Quorum lessons on Sunday. Lila just finished a Medical Transcriptioning course and is beginning to work from home.

Their daughter Audrey was baptized and confirmed 7 April 2001 by her father Leo Biggs. She is taking harp lessons and is in a 4-H Riding Club. She rode in the Lehi All Horse Parade.

Katherine and Madeline just finished kindergarten and Marcus and Austin will begin kindergarten in the fall. Jeniel keeps her mother company and entertains the family.

Donna's family:

Donna is working part time at Niels Fugal Sons as the morning receptionist. She is also attending UVSC part time as an English major. Her divorce from Brian Erickson was final on April 24, 2001. Donna teaches the 14-15 year old class in Sunday School.

Tony (9) participated in the Pleasant Grove Youth Theatre summer workshop. They had 8 days to rehearse before performing the play "The Magical Land of Oz". Tony will be playing on Pleasant Grove's competition soccer team for his age group this fall. They'll play against teams from other cities in Utah County. In Scouts, Tony received his Wolf Badge and also the Kennecott patch.

Michael (almost 5) has made much progress in the past few months. He still has some catching up to do but he's had a good turning point and will get there quickly. He will be going to preschool this fall and the school district will be working with him on his expressive language.

Rebecca (2) is an impatient angel. She likes to think (as Grandpa says) that she's as big as everyone else. She talks well enough to make herself understood most of the time. She is a beautiful healthy child.


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Nathan Brown brownnj@ldschurch.org .
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Elder Karl Davies
121 Mountain Ave #4
Roanoke VA 24016
Dick & Melodee Davies
10049 Mallard Drive
Nampa ID 83686
Heather & Jim Lowden
740 Fir
Pocatello ID 83201
Scott & Coleen Shuman
639 Jessandra Circle
Lakeland Florida 33813
Don & Lois Rawlinson
380 North 150 West
Logan UT 84321
Greg & Cozette Rawlinson
7615 N. Short Street
Eagle Mountain UT 84043
Mikel and Suzie Stacey
54 W. 250 N.
North Salt Lake City UT 84054
Ben & LeAnne West
2084 S. Davis Blvd
Bountiful UT 84010
Brad & Stephanie West
269 E. 1200 S.
Bountiful UT 84010
Noel & Dianna Williams
448 West Harvard Avenue
Gilbert AZ 85233
Jason & Jennifer Hansen
1554 S. 400 E
Orem UT 84058
Wendell & Eliza Fry
Wymount Terrace #658
Provo UT 84602
Elder Daniel Nelson
Indiana Indianapolis Mission
3333 Founders Road Suite #101
Indiana Indianapolis 46268
Pouch = Elder Aaron Williams
Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission
50 E. North Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84150
Pouch - Elder Michael West
Philippines Cebu Mission
50 E. North Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84150-0001
Steve & Amy Raab

Liberty Lake, WA
Paul & Michelle Holdaway
23208 E. Colony Court
Liberty Lake WA 99019
Debbie & Devon Hunt
2252 N 1300 W
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Ken & Heather Bott
587 W. 300 N.
Hyrum UT 84319
Patrick & Sommer Fugal
18619 W. Wilson Avenue
Cedar Valley UT 84013
Bryce & Nicki Burton
P.O. Box 91
Auburn WY 83111
Alan & Miranda Sticht
6042 S. 2550 W.
Roy UT 84067
Jon & Shane Turner
14 Quiet Meadow Lane
Mapleton Ut 84664
Becky & Don Rosenlof
35 Kolob Circle
Springville UT 84663
Richard & Kirsten Weber
633 W. 1000 S.
Richfield UT 84701
Blake & Jena Torgersen
628 E. 400 N.
Dale & Shawna Shepherd
1150 W. 360 N. #8
St. George UT 84770
Brad & Lana Turner
557 Lakeview Drive
Elkridge UT 84651
Sarah & Matthew Redd
1070 E. 300 S. Apt #203
Salt Lake UT
Ryan Hayes
727 E. 600 S. #115
Salt Lake City UT 84102
Gary & Colleen Shepherd
P.O. Box 801
Leeds UT 84746
Todd & Jill Giles
1505 LaFonda Drive Box 91
Las Cruces NM 88001
Monte & Nancy Giles
1769 Dunkled Lane
Folsom CA 95630
Brett & Shauna Griffiths
351 W. Midvalley Road
Cedar City UT 84720
Jeff & Rachael Hignite
399 E. Center Street #1
Cedar City UT 84720
Elder Matthew Fugal
Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission
7951 SW 6th Street, Suite 110
Fort Lauderdale FL 33324-3211
Elder & Sister Lee Brown
Ohio Cincinnati Mission
3940 Olympic Blvd
Suite 370
Erlanger KY 41018
Elder Russell Hill
Japan Tokyo North Mission
4-25-12 Nishi Ochiai
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
161-0031 Japan
Elder Cy Russell Adams
Jamaica Kingston Mission
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150
Brig & Debbi Fugal
500 Parkview Drive
Park City UT 84098
Paul & Rachel Hunziker
580 E. 930 S.
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Mike & Alysia Humphries
130 W. 5100 S.
Washington Terrace
Ogden UT 8440



Scott and Colleen Shuman

Smithfield UT
Lorin and Donelle Humphreys
6824 Folk Drive
Boise ID 83704
Neil and Pam Olsen
845 Terrell Drive
Mountain Home ID
Jonathan and Sheryl Dodge
5912 S. Napa
Spokane WA 99223
Jared and Kasie West
9366 N Recreation
Fresno CA 93720
Brian and Rachel Braithwaite
5775 West 10770 North
Highland UT 84003
Emily West
6012 Rancho Mission Road #311
San Diego CA 92108
Eric and Michelle West
374 North 6oo East
Bountiful UT 84010
Scott and Lisa Flinders
5161 South 4950 West
Hooper UT 84315
Dan and Lauralee Page
2600 Erwin Court
Idaho Falls ID 83401
Chris and Donna West
27641 238th Place
Maple Valley WA 98038
Brad and Stephanie West
2727 South 625 West
Bountiful UT 84010
Noel and Dianna Williams
3014 Prescott Street
Houston TX 77025
Wes and Arie Lewis
26A Choctah Road
Eglin AFB Florida 32542
Ryan and Jessica Raguskus
6978 S. LaRosa Court #11
Salt Lake City UT 84121
Micah and Angela Larsen
114 W. Thornbury Way
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Brian and Chrishna Holdaway
1919 Quail Lakes #35
Stockton CA 95207
Scott and Suzanne Flake
8701 North Joanna Drive
Tucson AZ 85742
Alan and Miranda Sticht
965 East 1000 South
Clearfield UT 84015
Chris and Marcia Ivy
91 West 1150 South
Farmington UT 84025
Blake and Jena Torgersen
146 East 100 South #5
American Fork UT 84003
Annette F. Erickson
Psychology Department Sec.
1093 SWKT
Provo UT 84602
Elder Jeffrey L. Erickson
Arizona Tucson Mission
1840 E. River Road Suite #102
Tucson AZ 85718
Elder Jared A. Oyler
Australia Sydney South Mission
P.O. Box 403
Mortdale NSW 2223 AUSTRALIA
Mel and Annette Erickson
308 West 1300 North
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Clay and Lisa Hunter
P.O. Box 7152
Jackson WY 83001
Brandon and Lacey Fugal
354 West 1300 North
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Cameron and Danielle Fugal
1180 North 600 West
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Russell and Abbie Fowles
385 West 1300 North
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Paul and Sara Hurd
2545 North 4425 West
Plain City (Ogden) UT 84404
Maury and Emily Giles
246 Fort Creek Drive
Alpine UT 84004
Michelle and John Sutton
604 West 8th Avenue #139
Mesa AZ 85210
PFC Thomas Kent Giles
ACO. 602 AUN.Unit 415725
APO AP 96257-0456
Dee Giles
182 East 800 North #5
Provo UT 84606
Paul and Mykal Shirley
200 S. West Diagonal Street
LaVerkin UT 84745
Ryan Hayes
556 South 500 East
Salt Lake City UT 84102
Kent and Kelly Fugal
3843 E. Presidential Drive
Meridian ID 83642
Donna Erickson
910 E. Grovecreek Drive
Pleasant Grove UT 84062
Paul and Rachael Hunziker
Village Green Park
222 North 1200 West #130
Orem UT 84057
Elder Daniel C. Nelson
Indiana Indianapolis Mission
3333 Founders Road Ste. #101
Indianapolis IN 46268