Andreas Fugl Family History

Welcome gentle genealogist! We hope you will find this site useful. This site's purpose is to be a central hub of genealogical information for our family, making it easier to see what can and needs to be done, without wasting time duplicating our efforts. It should be useful for the brand-new genealogist and the veteran alike.

"The First Fugl Family"

Visit Andreas Fugl on the Web. It is a beautiful site with histories and pictures on Andreas Fugl, put together by Janeil Olsen.

Fugl Bugl

Click here for the 2001 Fugl Bugl (or download it in Word Perfect format) Password protected.


Naturally, information about living people is sensitive information, so what I have done is create two copies of our master GEDCOM file: one with that information and one without. In order to download the GEDCOM with live person information you will need to provide a password which has already been given to you if you are part of the family. If you think you should have one but missed the boat, email me and I will give it to you. I reserve the right to require a bribe such as an updated GEDCOM of your immediate family. ;) The other copy is freely available for the world to use, and we hope they find it useful.

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I'm Hans Fugal. Son of Leland, who is the son of Grant. My email is hans at I'm chief hacker at